• Professional In-ear Stage Monitoring System

    Professional In-ear Stage Monitoring System

    Listener Pro keeps paying attention to create a true wireless audio transmission system. LP-PT100 is a 2.4GHz wireless digital audio transceiver series products developed by Listener Pro Co., Ltd.
    The wireless audio transmitter and the audio receiver have the characteristics of long transmission distance, the high-fidelity sound quality of HDCD, strong anti-interference from UHF/WIFI/Bluetooth, and stylish and portable appearance. It can replace traditional complex wired sound equipment, achieve an admirable listening effect.
  • Professional Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver

    Professional Wireless Audio Transmitter and Receiver

    Listener Pro in-ear monitor system (IEM) was launched by Listener Pro in 2019. The market was holistically boosted by the growing demand for concerts and music recordings, increasing live music shows and activities. More concerts and music festivals are using new technology for ear monitors in place of traditional wired ones.
    This wireless in ear monitor system is based on 2.4GHz technology, a practical wireless solution to provide consist sound whenever user go on stage while enhancing sound performances and freedom of movement. High-quality audio and stable transmission make it perfect for stage monitor and audio monitor in professional studio and live stage performance!