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Wireless Small Portable Retro Bluetooth FM Radio Speaker LP-WS100R was launched by Listener Pro. As a newest generation of Bluetooth speaker in Listener Pro, it is a creative combination of the retro radio appearance and FM radio and Bluetooth stereo speaker functions.

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Retro Bluetooth Speaker/Radio LP-WS100R

It was launched by Listener Pro in 2019. As the newest generation of Bluetooth speakers in Listener Pro, it is a creative combination of the retro appearance and radio and Bluetooth speaker functions.  

LP-WS100R supports three modes of audio input: Bluetooth & AUX & FM Radio. It provides more choices for users than a normal Bluetooth speaker. People can enjoy the FM radio by rotating the “M-tune disc” to find a station you like (the FM mode indicator will light up when receiving a radio signal, and not light up when the radio signal is too weak). The special operation provides a retro style to this product. When people want to enjoy music from his or her mobile device. It supports wireless connection through Bluetooth or can be used as a wired speaker through the AUX cable connection. Built-in 2 full-range speakers provide high sound quality

The vintage appearance of this product is designed by a professional design team that won the Red Dot Design Award, a famous international design award for product design, communication design, and design concepts.

The sensitive metal button makes user switch modes easily and conveniently.

It combined the vintage appearance, small size (6.3*4.3*3.1 inch) with excellent sound in one product, and makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor.

This model of speaker uses u2000mAh inside which supports more than 8 hours working, it is portable and easy to carry.


LP-WS100R is also a great choice as a gift to friends, colleagues, families, or anyone you respect. Each product will be packaged individually with a black box and paper bag.

This product has 3 different colors, black, pink, and red for customers to choose.


Listener Pro pays attention to product innovation, quality, and customer service, as professional speakers and earphones manufacture, we also provide OEM, ODM, and other customized services for our customers.


Technical Parameters


Content Specifications


Frequency Response 100Hz~20KHz


FM Frequency Range FM 87.5- 108MHZ


Dimension 6.3*4.3*3.1”


Weight 1.3kg


Channel 2.0


Bluetooth Version 5.0


Wire Audio Input 0.35mm to Type-C


Connection Range 33 feet (10m)


Working Time 8 hours


Battery 2000mAh


Charging USB to Type


Speaker 40mm/6W NdFeB full range speaker


Number of Speakers 2




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