Wireless Musical Instrument Performance System

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Listener Pro 2.4GHz Wireless Audio Transmitter Receiver System with Instrument Microphone / Wireless Guitar System
Listener Pro combines the newest 2.4GHz wireless audio transmission technology with professional quality cardioid condenser microphones, offer the unparalleled wireless instrument system for professional-caliber gear for performance and recording.

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The wireless audio transmitter and audio receivers have the characteristics of long transmission distance, high-fidelity sound quality of HDCD, strong anti-interference from UHF/WIFI/Bluetooth, and stylish and portable appearance. It can replace traditional complex wired sound equipment, achieve admirable listening effect.

Several kinds of wired instrument microphones, adopt high quality condenser microphone capsule, wider and more powerful timbre, good voice reductive effect, professional use for performance and other musical equipment.

64-bit digital wireless sound quality and 20-20kHz frequency response, more dynamic range than other wireless systems, exceptional digital audio clarity so you’ll hear your guitar tone in all of its detailed glory.

Operation up to 1000ft(line-of-sight), cover all corners in concert. Wireless receiver for speakers is small and portable to place or move.

30 selectable channels, multiple systems can be operated simultaneous in the same location.

2.4GHz work frequency range can avoid most interference from UHF, Bluetooth and WIFI, available worldwide.

Both transmitter and receiver have a 3.5mm stereo input and output, supports audio mixing or monitoring.


Small size bodypack, easy to buckle it in belt, hang it on neck, or put it in pocket. Every user can give an instrument performance freely.




Wireless Audio Transmitter for Guitar/ Wireless System for Guitar

Connect wireless transmitter with Guitar or Saxophone, wireless receiver can connect to speakers to create true wireless home theater system or wireless background system.

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